[scribus] Windows 7

Richard eyelagui at adinet.com.uy
Mon Nov 16 15:59:43 CET 2009

Rolf-Werner Eilert escribió:
>> Windows Seven is mainly an end user OS, so, how much end users would 
>> want 16 threads?, also anyone who buys more than 2x i7 and the 
>> corresponding MAINBOARD for 1 computer, can also buy a Windows Server 
>> supporting more than 2 Physical CPUs.
> Yep, I got the expression wrong - thought of 2 real CPU cores in one 
> die which would have excluded Xeon-like setups.
I guess 2 real cpu cores in one die may also be seen by Windows as 1 
physical CPU.
The first Pentium Dual Core CPUs, were 2 PIV cores on 1 die. And xeon 
are based on PIV cpus/cores. (As far as i understand from what i read)

> What I still do not understand, however, is why they push a Home 
> Premium version without XP emulation (almost all new machines sold 
> come with it). End users will have a great bunch of older software 
> they depend on which they will want to continue using. As far as I can 
> see, they would have to upgrade to Professional to be able to use XP 
> emulation. Or did I get this wrong, too? :-)
I think that's just marketing stuff, "if you want more, pay more".
There is a cheap stripped down Office (starter or school or something 
alike) and there is a striped down "starter" windows, both for emerging 
countries, they're cheaper and they have less capabilities, as crazy as 
limiting the ammount of running applications on windows at a time to 2 or 3.
So crazy as pay for a stripped down office package while you can have a 
completely free and 100% functional OpenOffice.

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