[scribus] Windows 7

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Nov 16 18:32:41 CET 2009

Hi Richard,

>> What I still do not understand, however, is why they push a Home 
>> Premium version without XP emulation (almost all new machines sold 
>> come with it). End users will have a great bunch of older software 
>> they depend on which they will want to continue using. As far as I 
>> can see, they would have to upgrade to Professional to be able to use 
>> XP emulation. Or did I get this wrong, too? :-)
> I think that's just marketing stuff, "if you want more, pay more".

I think that Microsoft is doing an outstanding work on Windows and I 
love the idea that they are producing a version of Windows for every 
possible need.

I will buy one copy of Windows 7 Starter for the computer in my guest 
room, one Windows 7 Home Basic for my older home computer, a Windows 7 
Home Premium for my shiny new home computer, Windows 7 Professional will 
run on my secretary's computer, Windows 7 Enterprise on my work 
computer, and Windows 7 Ultimate is reserved to the laptop i bring home.

You see? It's not only marketing. We have a real need for it! And 
Microsoft it's not the only company who has got it!

It's a bit like with that Linux thing. You put a Maemo or Android on 
your phone, a SUSE on your graphics art workstation, a Mandriva on your 
Laptop, a KUbuntu Karmik Koala on your kids' komputer, a Debian Lenny on 
your server and a random Slackware on that 286 in the basement.

Or do you think that all those distributions are only marketing stuff 
and in the reality they are all mixed up by Linus Torvalds in his 
basement to confuse us?

Or have a look at Scribus (can i talk about Scribus? we are on a Scribus 
mailing list, aren't we?)! You will put Scribus 1.2 Dead Edition on your 
286 in the basement running Slackware, Scribus 1.3.4 The Ghost Edition 
on your mother-in-law computer, We Told You To Use It on your 
secretary's computer, 1.3.5rc2 Who Changed The QT Requirement on your 
Debian server (and try to run it headless for six nights before giving 
up), Stable Like Rocks on your kids laptop, 1.3.6svn Even 
Stabler Like Rockers on your production machine 1.4 The Stable Christmas 
Or Easter Edition on your quantum computer, and a fresh 1.5svn Shiny 
Gradients on your laptop.

Do you think that the Scribus team is doing all this only for marketing 

Nooo! it's because our users want it!!!! It's not a secret any more that 
the final goal is to get each Scribus user to identify with her own 
Scribus version! (a very ambitious goal, since the number of Scribus 
users tends to grow faster than the Team can put out new versions).
And this will make the support much easier! We won't have to ask you 
anymore which system and version you are using!
No more crystall ball!

The next time i will write about CPUs and Graphic Cards(tm


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