[scribus] automatically size text frame, font metrics Font::TTFMetrics

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 10 14:22:33 CET 2009

On 11/09/2009 04:35 PM, andrew james wrote:
> I think font metrics to automate size frames is useful when there is 
> some constants, especially for full page algorithmic automation when 
> multiple unknown sized articles are posed on a page.
> Craig, you stated that you think there is too many variables to 
> automate frame size. I think that is wrong.
> I think two types of user want this function, graphic users, and 
> programmers.
> For users of the interface graphic, automatic frame size is used as a 
> quick action that increases productivity. The users should define 
> their preferred constant, width or height.
> In scribus, the icon to show that text is too long for the frame is a 
> box with an X that appears in the corner of the frame low, right. For 
> example, the action to automate frame size is double click the box.
> On double click, the frame increases size at one dimension to fix all 
> the text in the frame. Width or height increase, that is a user 
> preference, the other dimension is a constant.
> If a control key (control, shift, or alt) is pressed on double click 
> then the frame increases to fit at the dimension opposite to the 
> preference. A user should find this preference in a dialog.
> I know of other interfaces graphic that have this function. It is 
> intuitive to use and sometimes useful. For example, spreadsheets, 
> presentations.
> Another use for automatic size frame is as a programmer. I would like 
> to have font metrics in the API python, is it there?
> For example, someone could write a scribus script to get news from the 
> local news client (thunderbird) then design a news paper with some 
> favoured articles. No more need to read screen, you could wake to an 
> automated daily print of the news at your house.
> Craig, part of your questions confused me
> Based on the current content's first line ending, or
> the 2nd? last? Or the current number of lines and adjust the width?
> I cannot reply for my confusion. I think, the only use to automate 
> frame size is to fit all text, or am I wrong? You implied that someone 
> wants to size the text frame small to make some text invisible, 
> unprinted?
I think your response proves Craig's point...why should your suggestions 
be the ones to implement? Changing the size of a frame, changing the 
size of a font can easily affect the entire layout of a page, so it's 
hard to see that such a quick fix is what many/most users would want.

If there is anything that might be useful, it would be a less clumsy 
Scripter way to know when a frame has overflow and by how much, so that 
custom scripts could be more easily written.


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