[scribus] automatically size text frame, font metrics Font::TTFMetrics

andrew james andrew at systemssingular.com
Mon Nov 9 22:35:17 CET 2009

I think font metrics to automate size frames is useful when there is 
some constants, especially for full page algorithmic automation when 
multiple unknown sized articles are posed on a page.

Craig, you stated that you think there is too many variables to automate 
frame size. I think that is wrong.

I think two types of user want this function, graphic users, and 

For users of the interface graphic, automatic frame size is used as a 
quick action that increases productivity. The users should define their 
preferred constant, width or height.

In scribus, the icon to show that text is too long for the frame is a 
box with an X that appears in the corner of the frame low, right. For 
example, the action to automate frame size is double click the box.

On double click, the frame increases size at one dimension to fix all 
the text in the frame. Width or height increase, that is a user 
preference, the other dimension is a constant.

If a control key (control, shift, or alt) is pressed on double click 
then the frame increases to fit at the dimension opposite to the 
preference. A user should find this preference in a dialog.

I know of other interfaces graphic that have this function. It is 
intuitive to use and sometimes useful. For example, spreadsheets, 

Another use for automatic size frame is as a programmer. I would like to 
have font metrics in the API python, is it there?

For example, someone could write a scribus script to get news from the 
local news client (thunderbird) then design a news paper with some 
favoured articles. No more need to read screen, you could wake to an 
automated daily print of the news at your house.

Craig, part of your questions confused me

Based on the current content's first line ending, or
the 2nd? last? Or the current number of lines and adjust the width? 

I cannot reply for my confusion. I think, the only use to automate frame 
size is to fit all text, or am I wrong? You implied that someone wants 
to size the text frame small to make some text invisible, unprinted?


Craig wrote:
> andrew james wrote:
>> Perhaps the intent of my message was obscure. I will reexplain
>> Malay Basu, wrote a program that he named Font::TTFMetrics, yes the
>> language is perl. The code is posted and documented at
>> http://search.cpan.org/~malay/Font-TTFMetrics-0.1/lib/Font/TTFMetrics.pm
>> Though Malay may or may not have concern for the project scribus, I
>> copied his address to a previous message. My intent was to connect Malay
>> and his code to the project scribus for development of a scribus feature
>> that is highly demanded.
>> Malays program reads units in true type font (ttf) files. An example use
>> is to measure character or string widths.
>> An application of this use is to automate design of a newspaper, that
>> requires metrics to size text frames for a limited size page layout.
>> Currently I found no function in scribus to automatically size text
>> frames, am I wrong?
> Scribus already uses font metrics data from various font types, however,
> no, it does not auto size frames. How would it determine the width or
> height to choose? Based on the current content's first line ending, or
> the 2nd? last? Or the current number of lines and adjust the width? Too
> many variables without someone defining the proper expected behaviour.
> Craig
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