[scribus] PDF creation in karmic

Thomas Zastrow listen at thomas-zastrow.de
Thu Nov 5 20:14:36 CET 2009

<snip />

D.R. Evans send me his files and I was able to reproduce the crashes 
under the newest Ubuntu 9.10 with its Scribus NG package.

Under Windows, I was able to create the PDF file, but there was still 
something wrong with the fonts.

So, I tried again under OpenSuse and voila - there was no crash and the 
PDF file looks perfect.

To be honest, my OpenSuse-Scribus is a self-compiled version and just 
two weeks old or so. I will now try to compile 1.3.5svn under Ubuntu and 
see, if the problems are gone with the newest Scribus version there.



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