[scribus] Setting up color management

Hal V. Engel hvengel at astound.net
Wed Nov 4 19:09:09 CET 2009

On Wednesday 04 November 2009 09:32:35 am Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> On 11/4/09, Alan Tutt wrote:
> > Here's my system:
> > Kubuntu Linux 9.04
> > Scribus with lcms support
> > LG Flatron L222WT LCD monitor
> > Okidata C6100 color laser printer (for proofs)
> >
> > I've used the FProf tool to profile my monitor and create an ICC/ICM
> > file.
> Let's see. You have a really cheap TFT display and you used profiling
> software (the officially released version of LProf) that doesn't
> create quite accurate ICC profiles. I have a suspicion that lighting
> where you work isn't controlled as well. I'm sorry but getting
> reliable output with what you have will be quite difficult.
> You can try using dispcalGUI to at least create accurate profiles
> (choose matrix type), but you really need a better LCD. I'm sorry if I
> disappoint you.

But using a measurement device and ArgyllCMS to calibrate and profile these 
lower end displays will at least get you close.  But Alexandre is correct that 
if you are doing color critical work you really should be using a higher end 
monitor.  He is also correct that lighting in your work room and print viewing 
booth is critical.  I would also add that color laser printers are generally 
not considered to be particularly useful as proofing devices because they are 
not very consistent.  

For calibrating and profiling the monitor you should be using a color meter or 
spectrophotometer like a Huey, Eye-One Display 2, Eye-One Pro or ColorMunki.   
Devices like the Huey are fairly inexpensive ($50 to $60 plus shipping) so 
getting a good monitor calibration and profile is with in reach of most 
> > I'm not sure how to produce a custom profile for the printer.
> You need a special measurement device for that and tools from Argyll CMS.
> With beta version of Argyll (1.1.0beta) you can use X-Rite's
> ColorMunki measurement device that allows profiling both display and
> printer.

Spectrophotometers are more expensive and even an entry level device like a 
ColorMunki will run about $320 to $350 discounted and you may be better off 
using a profiling service.  There are profiling services that will create custom 
printer profiles for as little as $25.  But remember that you need separate 
profiles for each work flow (IE. typically for each paper used).

You may be asking "Why can't I use the profile from the printer vendor?"  There 
are three reasons.

1. The vendor supplied profile is probably intended for Windows and the drivers 
are not the same as you are using on a Linux system.  Since the driver has a 
major impact on the reproduction characteristics of the printer a profile 
created for use on Windows simply will not work on a non-Windows machine. 

2. The profile needs to be specific to not only the driver being used but also 
all other aspects that affect reproduction such as the type and brand of paper,  
toner brand/type, drivers settings (resolution, dithering, media type...) and 
perhaps even other aspects of your work flow.   That is the profile is specific 
to YOUR work flow.

3. There is significant sample to sample variation in any mechanical device 
including printers.  For printers this means that two printers of the same 
model will have somewhat different characteristics even if operated under 
exactly the same conditions.  That is the profile is specific to YOUR printer.


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