[scribus] Possible to install after installing 1.3.5svn?

Craig Bradney cbradney at zip.com.au
Sat May 23 17:43:38 CEST 2009

John Beardmore wrote:
> wayne wrote:
>>  Is the 1.3.5 version adequate for business use? If not, why not? What
>> specifically would be the problem?
> 'Which bugs haven't you found yet' is seldom an easy question for
> developers to answer.
> Presumably few bugs are know which is why it's an RC, but it hasn't been
> tested much which is why it shouldn't be regarded as a stable release.

It is an RC (Release Candidate) because we want to make a release for
people to download and test before the final 1.3.5 release. It will
NEVER EVER (repeat.. NEVER EVER) be classed as stable, even after 1.3.5

> It very probably will be fine for many business applications, but
> without more testing I guess developers know it would be unwise to
> encourage you to depend on it for anything that would take a long tome
> to do again in or whatever.

You are supposed to depend on stable releases... ie is the
current release and will still be the version to use for normal work
even after 1.3.5 is released. Use it, test it.. and if all goes well,
feel free to use it instead of


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