[scribus] more intelligent handling of imported styles [was "scribus feature request"]

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Owen and adevc:

I have added an enhancement request to the issue-tracking database along 
the following lines <http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=8024>.  When 
you import a foreign document into FrameMaker, the foreign styles are 
preserved in the text.  However, some of these styles may have names 
that exactly match named styles in the style catalogue.  In that case, 
you can apply the existing styles in the catalogue to the text and, 
where style names are identical, the catalogue properties over-ride the 
imported properties.  It drives me nuts when Scribus creates a bunch of 
"Copy of" styles for OOo styles with the same name as styles in the 

When importing text from OpenOffice.org or Word, etc., I would like 
Scribus to allow you these choices of actions (possibly in combination, 
using radio buttons and checkboxes):

@    over-ride the imported styles with the identically named catalogue 

@    over-ride the catalogue styles with the identically named imported 
styles (e.g. update the catalogue)

@    attempt to match imported styles with the closest catalogue style 
based on properties, and over-ride the imported style with both 
properties and name

@    attempt to match catalogue styles with the closest imported style 
based on properties, and over-ride the catalogue style with both 
properties and name

@    rename imported styles to "Copy of" if their names match catalogue 

FrameMaker also allows you to search for one style and replace it with 
another, very useful for massaging contributions from various sources 
into one set of styles.  FM also allows copy and paste of styles.

What do you think?  Post your thought here but also add them to the 
issue at <http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=8024>.

>> Hi list,
>> i am starting with Scribus, so i am a newbie. I could not find a way
>> to use
>> styles in Scribus sensibly, so either it's seriously flawed or i am -
>> couldn't find a way to use styling.
>> Is it true that in Scribus every paragraph needs to be given a style
>> after
>> f.i. importing text from an odt document? I would think that a normal
>> user
>> would like to select every paragraph and apply a style to the
>> selection in
>> one go.
>> Is it possible in Scribus to define text styles, apart from paragraph
>> styles? If you want to use style in a document both types are
>> necessary but
>> i couldn't find a way to select them while editing texts.
> Hi,
> Just to make sure you are doing it correctly when importing from Open
> Office:
> 1. Right click in the text frame
> 2. Select 'Get Text'
> 3. Select your OO document
> You will then be asked if you want to;
> 4. Overwrite paragraph styles - Takes in the OO styles
> 5. Merge Paragraph styles - Tries to eliminate similiar, but
> differently named styles
> 6. Use the imported document name as a prefix for the styles
> If you then wish to change a paragraph style, then do so in the editor
> with another defined style. You can edit the imported style, that will
> then affect all the document assigned that style in one go.
> In Scribus-1.3.3.x you can only change the text style in the paragraph
> style or by using the "Edit contents of Frame" button
> In Scribus-1.3.5 it is possible to create seperate character and
> paragraph styles


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