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Positioning text vertically in a text frame especially when it come to
centering really comes in handy when there is a visible frame (or border). I
tried using some script that from a link provided in an earlier post but the
text ended up disapearing when the script added a rather large top and
bottom margin to the text frame. I would hope that it gets added in future


On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 6:27 AM, John Beardmore <John at t4sltd.co.uk> wrote:

>  Roger wrote:
>> <snip>
>> Is there a  vertical alignment feature in Scribus version for
>> text frames?
>>  > Text is normally aligned to the top of the text frame but it would nice
>> to
>>  > be able to center text vertically or align text to the bottom of the
>> frame
>>  > by clicking a button or selecting from dropdown. So is there anything
>> like
>>  > that and I can't see it?
>> </snip>
>> I'm coming in late here but on reflection I can't see any reason for
>> vertical displacement within a text frame.
>> Text frames can be placed accurately via F2 - Text  dialog or using Arrow
>> and Shit-ft Arrow or can be snapped to grid lines.
>> One problem Scribus has is that with a one line or one word or one letter
>> of text in a text box, the default vertical spacing is 15 points. This can
>> be set to 1 pt in F2 - text  but does not allow you to set the bottom of the
>> text box to the bottom of the text or the text it'self disappears.
>> A text box is merely a container which can be invisible if needed.
>> Positioning text is important not the text box. For instance, you can have
>> really huge text boxes containing one letter and still position text
>> characters very accurately.
>> My suggestion would be to place the text that you need to vertically align
>> in a separate text box and align that as needed.
>> A DTP system, as different from a word processor, Scribus encourages the
>> use of text boxes to separate small portions of text according to the page
>> design needs and in doing so provides unlimited choice in text box / text
>> placement. Arrow keys  and Shift-Arrow keys are your friends.
>> Please excuse me if Ive got your requirement wrong
> I think you have.
> It's true that S allows you to place a text frame anywhere, and if that is
> in an invisible text frame, that gives the effect of placing text anywhere.
>  So far, so good.
> I too have found it irritating though, that you can't centre text
> vertically within a visible text frame. I don't see this as a 'word
> processor' feature, and should Scribus ever have good ways to do tables, I
> imagine that many people will want vertical centring in 'table cell frames'
> too.
> I don't see how or where "Scribus encourages the use of text boxes to
> separate small portions of text according to the page design needs", unless
> you mean it encourages it by not making simpler alternatives
> available ?
> Cheers, J/.
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