[scribus] list all fonts in a document?

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Mon Mar 30 07:36:23 CEST 2009

> I'm using 1.3.5svn.  Is there a way to convert all "No style" elements to a
> particular style?  In an existing document, that is.  Really, I don't think
> there should be any such concept as "No style" in Scribus, partly because
> that's logically impossible.  Typefaces *always* have a style.  At some
> point in the history of my document, I changed a lot of things to "No Style"
> because it seemed like the closest thing to setting a default style.  But I
> misunderstood what I was doing and now want to eliminate all "No Style"
> elements.  So I can be sure there are no unwanted font faces/sizes lurking
> anywhere.

"No style" really mean "No other style than what is default for the text box".

In the document preferences you can set a default style for text
boxes. That style is used for all new text boxes.

But I'm not sure here, I think that if you change the style for a text
box all paragraphs lose their style, and that is a bad thing IMO.
Changing the default style for a text box should only affect those
paragraphs that are "No style". Paragraphs with a defined style should
stay the same even if the text box style is changed.


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