[scribus] list all fonts in a document?

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Mon Mar 30 04:55:45 CEST 2009

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> The default style of "No Style" is set in File > 
> Preferences > Tools for Text Frames. 
I believe the setting you've mentioned changes the default for the Scribus
installation (program default) but I'm not sure it will affect an existing
document or allow for setting a document-specific default.  I am working on
a document with about 150 frames, all of which (unfortunately) use "No
style" in some part of each frame, and I'm not sure how to globally change
the style for all those paragraphs.  It is starting to look like I need to
go through every frame and apply a style to everything that I want to be
able to control globally.  Does that sound right?

I see that there is a nice feature for deleting a style and replacing it
with another, but there looks to be no feature for replacing "No style" with
a particular user-defined style -- which would allow me to globally edit the
style of everything currently set to "No style."

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> In 1.3.5 and above, this has been divided 
> into Paragraph and Character Styles
I think it's headed in the right direction, but I was trying to point out
what I believe is some unnecessary repetitiveness in one part of the UI that
I think hurts usability.

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Line Styles refers to the style of drawn lines, either as the border of 
> frames or as Lines or Bezier curves.
Thanks for clarifying.

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> It's probably not especially worthwhile to rail against the semantics of 
> Scribus, but more valuable to understand the semantics for what they are.
Disagree with you here... It's not semantics.  I'll file it at


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