[scribus] list all fonts in a document?

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Mon Mar 30 14:41:18 CEST 2009

webcomm wrote:
> Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> The default style of "No Style" is set in File > 
>> Preferences > Tools for Text Frames. 
> I believe the setting you've mentioned changes the default for the Scribus
> installation (program default) but I'm not sure it will affect an existing
> document or allow for setting a document-specific default.  I am working on
> a document with about 150 frames, all of which (unfortunately) use "No
> style" in some part of each frame, and I'm not sure how to globally change
> the style for all those paragraphs.  It is starting to look like I need to
> go through every frame and apply a style to everything that I want to be
> able to control globally.  Does that sound right?
> I see that there is a nice feature for deleting a style and replacing it
> with another, but there looks to be no feature for replacing "No style" with
> a particular user-defined style -- which would allow me to globally edit the
> style of everything currently set to "No style."
If you go to File > Document Setup, settings will be changed for the 
current document.
Once again, the designation "No Style" means the default style in the 
Preferences/Document Settings, which you can change. You also import 
styles from other documents as desired.
Regardless, it sounds like you need to make styles. Edit > Paragraph 
Styles will bring up a dialog to make as many styles as you like, then 
share them from one document to another.
You can apply a Style from the Properties palette as well.

Once you begin to develop a collection of settings and make your own 
styles in Scribus documents, you're going to find that this is no big issue.


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