[scribus] list all fonts in a document?

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sun Mar 29 21:19:34 CEST 2009

Ryan W wrote:
> I'm using 1.3.5svn.  Is there a way to convert all "No style" elements to a
> particular style?  In an existing document, that is.  Really, I don't think
> there should be any such concept as "No style" in Scribus, partly because
> that's logically impossible.  Typefaces *always* have a style.  At some
> point in the history of my document, I changed a lot of things to "No Style"
> because it seemed like the closest thing to setting a default style.  But I
> misunderstood what I was doing and now want to eliminate all "No Style"
> elements.  So I can be sure there are no unwanted font faces/sizes lurking
> anywhere.
> Also, the styles listed on the left in the editor... are those line styles?
> Putting my cursor on a line and changing the paragraph style (using the
> pulldown menu up top) does not affect which style is listed on the left, so
> I guess those must be line styles?
> Really, I don't think it should be possible to set a font for a particular
> Paragraph Style.  Paragraphs don't have fonts.  Neither do lines.  Only
> characters have fonts.  So fonts should be set in the Character Styles, and
> Character Styles can be assigned as a property of Paragraph Styles.  It's a
> subtle distinction I guess but one that matters.  There should probably be
> no "Character Style" tab at all for the Paragraph Styles in the Style
> Manager.  Instead it's just a dropdown menu somewhere in the properties tab.
In the end, I think you have to go with the collective vision of things 
from the developers. The default style of "No Style" is set in File > 
Preferences > Tools for Text Frames. So if you have a favorite 
collection of features you will likely use, enter it there.

Paragraph Styles are the term for all the things you are talking about 
in versions 1.3.3.x and lower. In 1.3.5 and above, this has been divided 
into Paragraph and Character Styles, and I think here we see the more 
understandable term Default Style. Clicking the No Style area in Story 
Editor allows you to choose a Style if any exist or Edit/Create them.

Line Styles refers to the style of drawn lines, either as the border of 
frames or as Lines or Bezier curves.

It's probably not especially worthwhile to rail against the semantics of 
Scribus, but more valuable to understand the semantics for what they are.


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