[scribus] Insert glyph

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sun Mar 29 16:43:46 CEST 2009

John Jason Jordan wrote:
> On Sat, 28 Mar 2009 19:13:35 -0400
> Gregory Pittman <gpittman at iglou.com> dijo:
>> John Jason Jordan wrote:
>>> I finally found the thread - from 2007. Christoph said:
>>>> You didn't read the docs ;) Hit F12 and enter the code.
>>> But F12 does nothing.
>> It needs to be a 4-digit unicode, eg, 00e5
> That was one of the first things I tried - 026a does nothing the same
> as 26a, 26A, 026A.
> More importantly, the glyph for 026a does not appear in the GUI
> drop-down window. Lots of glyphs that this font has do not appear in
> that window. Scribus is not displaying a lot of Unicode glyphs. I have
> yet to find a pattern, however.
Hmm. Works here on Fedora 10, 

In both Edit Contents mode and with Story Editor, you should be able to
  a) use F12, then 4-digit Unicode
  b) Insert > Glyph to bring up dialog
     - in the dialog you can either choose with the mouse, or enter the 
Unicode number directly

Some particulars:

1. Make sure your keyboard shortcut is set. Should be F12 by default in 
1.3.3.x, and Ctrl+Shift+u in 1.3.5svn.
2. If you do not see the character in the Glyph dialog, that suggests 
there is something about your font that Scribus doesn't like. Check File 
 > Preferences > Fonts to see if there is anything there of use in 
understanding. If you don't have it displaying, there isn't much point 
in trying to insert this particular character. Try changing the font in 
the Glyph dialog to see if it shows up. Try some other code to make sure 
the process is working. You might also try importing the character from 
a text file and see if that works.
3. I realize this is like asking if your computer is plugged in, but 
make sure you use the number 0 and not capital letter O. What is going 
to work is a 4-digit number, padded with zeros at the beginning, so 
trying 26a, 26A, are a waste of time. 026a and 026A should both work, at 
least they do here.
4. In the Glyph dialog, there is a place to enter the code in the lower 
left corner, but I see it's a bit tricky to use. Enter the code, press 
Return. The glyph should appear in the window at the bottom. Next you 
must press Tab so that the Insert button is highlighted, then you click 
that to enter the glyph. If it works, the Insert button should grey out 
and the sample glyph disappear. If you click Insert and these things 
don't happen, you have not entered the glyph on the page/SE. (I see that 
in 1.3.5svn, this doesn't have this trickiness)

When I get a chance later, I'll see if this is also true with Windows.


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