[scribus] Automatic creation of product catalgue

Stefano Danzi s.danzi at hawai.it
Thu Mar 26 09:21:33 CET 2009

I need to automatically create e product catalgoue.

I've a folder with fotos having mixed resolution (same 1700 dpi, 
other 1200 dpi ecc ecc). Each photo, if printed at the correct 
resolution, show an object at scale of 1:1 (real dimension, dimension of 
my items goes from 1cm to 10 cm).

I need to print a catalog that show all items with his real dimension, 
and numbers of items for row depends on dimensions of object.

There is a script that do something similar?
I found scriptalbuma4.py but have a fixed layout (2 items on each row, and I need multiple items for row depending on dimensions) and don't preserve reals image dimensions.

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