[scribus] OS comparisons - not Scribus

Roger hovergo at net-tech.com.au
Thu Mar 26 07:32:49 CET 2009

It was a joke, Roger. I too gave up running Windows in favor of Linux
several years ago.
  - Most comparisons of Windows vs Linux are so apples vs oranges as to
be very unrealistic.

I'm glad it was a joke, thanks for the heads up on that.

For me its apples vs apples
My experience was with the same machine/s, just different OS's and over a number
of years time span.

On the subject of software crashes, every Scribus svn from June 2008 crashes on
my machine but the May 2008 update does not.
I've been happily producing newsletters on the May svn.
I think its an nvidia issue but have no way of finding out.
Tried starting the svn's from a terminal but all I get is the inevitable
"Scribus Crashes with Signal Fault 6, or 11 or what ever, even had a 9 at one stage.
Googling signal faults and the numbers tells me nothing of assistance.
Got me utterly tossed.

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