[scribus] When is a new release for Windows coming out?

Phil Ward skeggy78 at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 4 22:51:47 CET 2009

Hi Sveinn

i know im stuck i the Coreldraw only format, as i know that AI files  
as so much more universal in the amount of programs that can use  
them, but again im starting to learn illustrator, as lots of design  
houses use one or the other..

the only other program that i have read that can read a CDR file is  
Canvas, used to be by debena, bought recently by ACDsystems. There is  
a wintel and OSX versions, but again, its a propriaty software, so no  
interested in buying it etc..
there is a viewer (cant remember the program), like picasa, that can  
read and make small thumbnails, but again they are just thumbnail  
jpegs, with not much use when wanting to open or convert them etc..

The buntu live CD's allows you to create a sort of virtual partition  
on your harddrive, but it runs outside of windows, ie it changed the  
boot sector startup, and runs nicely of an NTFS patition, and runs a  
treat on my little dell... (i know im not very technical, and some  
people must be cursing me, but its so simple to use, and a great way  
of non destructive testing etc)..

i have not tried coreldraw 12 or later, as most other users on the  
wine site state it doesnt work, so i cant comment on them, i was just  
looking really forward to seeing how uniconverter worked tho with  
inkscape etc.


On 4 Mar 2009, at 21:36, Sveinn í Felli wrote:

> Hi Phil (and Steve):
>>> many
>>> years ago, but am trying ubuntu with the run inside of windows  
>>> option,
> ..there is an Ubuntu which runs inside of Windows??? Must be like  
> running
> from CD/DVD, slow and buggy???
>>> mainly because of coreldraw, ie using it at work etc.
>>> i have successfully installed corel 11 inside of linux, and as i  
>>> also
>>> use a
>>> mac, its quite usefull, as its also the last revision to come out  
>>> for
>>> apples.
> Here we're talking; I came too over from Wintendo with loads of CDR  
> files,
> which I often have to use in a way or another.By far the best way  
> (in my
> humble opinion) is to keep your old Win (XP/2k) partition alive, with
> Corel installed. And by knowing that there's nothing compared to  
> CorelDraw
> in the number of formats it can import/export, you should  
> progressively
> export all your CDR files to a wider accepted (standard) formats. By
> keeping CDR file format you're in a classical "vendor-lock-in"  
> situation.
> An industry "standard format" would be either EPS or SVG (both with
> zillion? variants). Once converted from CDR, your designs can be  
> used with
> a wider variety of applications, windows, mac or linux.
> Another option is using Uniconverter, a Linux command line  
> converter (no
> GUI!!!) wich can convert the vectors from a CDR, but neither text  
> blocks
> (paragraph/artistic text) nor bitmaps, and I don't think colors  
> translate
> correctly.
> There may also be usable 3rd party commercial converters for Linux.
> Despite quite a lot of tentatives on running CorelDraw (v.8,9 and  
> 11) in
> Wine (Win emulator for Linux) I have not had usable results.
> You're totally right asking about what this SVN is; it's not  
> transparent
> to outsiders that it is referring to Subversion, a versioning  
> system used
> by programmers (and translators like me).
> Good continuation using free software
> Sveinn í Felli
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