[scribus] When is a new release for Windows coming out?

Sveinn í Felli sveinki at nett.is
Wed Mar 4 22:36:22 CET 2009

Hi Phil (and Steve):

>> many
>> years ago, but am trying ubuntu with the run inside of windows option,

..there is an Ubuntu which runs inside of Windows??? Must be like running
from CD/DVD, slow and buggy???

>> mainly because of coreldraw, ie using it at work etc.
>> i have successfully installed corel 11 inside of linux, and as i also
>> use a
>> mac, its quite usefull, as its also the last revision to come out for
>> apples.

Here we're talking; I came too over from Wintendo with loads of CDR files,
which I often have to use in a way or another.By far the best way (in my
humble opinion) is to keep your old Win (XP/2k) partition alive, with
Corel installed. And by knowing that there's nothing compared to CorelDraw
in the number of formats it can import/export, you should progressively
export all your CDR files to a wider accepted (standard) formats. By
keeping CDR file format you're in a classical "vendor-lock-in" situation.
An industry "standard format" would be either EPS or SVG (both with
zillion? variants). Once converted from CDR, your designs can be used with
a wider variety of applications, windows, mac or linux.

Another option is using Uniconverter, a Linux command line converter (no
GUI!!!) wich can convert the vectors from a CDR, but neither text blocks
(paragraph/artistic text) nor bitmaps, and I don't think colors translate

There may also be usable 3rd party commercial converters for Linux.

Despite quite a lot of tentatives on running CorelDraw (v.8,9 and 11) in
Wine (Win emulator for Linux) I have not had usable results.

You're totally right asking about what this SVN is; it's not transparent
to outsiders that it is referring to Subversion, a versioning system used
by programmers (and translators like me).

Good continuation using free software

Sveinn í Felli

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