[scribus] When is a new release for Windows coming out?

Phil Ward skeggy78 at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 4 22:10:03 CET 2009

Hi JDS & list

sorry i am english, but have had some bad news on a personal level,  
so my mind is a little world of its own at the moment, and im trying  
to be positive and laid back as possible..

but i shall try to address the points that you brought up etc.

I use coreldraw, as its what i know very well, i have used it for  
many years, and know where i need to click to get things done and  
dusted, yes i am looking at inkscape, combined with uniconverter, as  
i have a large amount of coreldraw files/catalogue, but as of yet,  
have come unstuck when trying to import CDR files into inkscape etc.  
I also have tried to accomplish this on the mac, ie using  
uniconverter, but the last build was i think 2 releases prior, and  
the team at SK1 dont have an applemac to build or test with etc, and  
my knowledge on mac programming is non existent.
I also use coreldraw, as my clients, and other design companies, who  
pay me, and in return as i mentioned, allow me to put food on my  
plate, i do apologise, i thought it was an old phrase, but i do  
forget that this mailing list is worldwide..

I try to keep upto date with the development of the main design  
programs that are currently about in the opensource world, ie gimp,  
scribus, inkscape, but again learning to compile the most current  
versions of the software is somewhat perplexing, ie like the  
formentioned uniconverter. The most current release in the synaptic  
download manager (ubuntu 8.10) is 1.1.2(python-uniconverter), where  
as the current version in their SVN is 1.1.3, and i tried to open a  
simple multipage document with 1.1.2 in inkscape, created from  
coreldraw X3, and it failed, but there is a large instruction from  
someone else on the web, that i will try later and hope to compile/ 
install the current version of uniconverter etc.

i fully understand that each and every windows program has a  
competitor that equal or in some cases supersedes its rival, but not  
only do i have to incorporate it into my workflow, but try to  
persuade others that have no experience in the opensource world. Also  
im trying to make a workflow with opensoure programs, when i said  
even keel, i ment the same version through out all my different  
Operating systems, wether it be Linux, OSX, or windows. There was a  
comment on a Gimp list about revisions in the debian database, but  
its a couple of steps back, i know the files should be compatilble,  
but i want to make sure with what ever system i use, whether i put a  
USB stick in, or recieve an email, that i can open it, and know that  
it will be indentical on any other of my systems..

I have been signed up to these lists now for sometime, and i cant  
believe the flow of information that exists here, let alone on fourms  

I want to understand scribus, and use it to its full potential, hence  
me being signed up for this list, and id rather learn it rather than  
quark or indesign, but the problem is, that two major jobs that i  
have bypassed as a result of not using/understanding them, as they in  
this particular design house (some use adobe, others use corel, hey  
whats the difference?). I know the fundamental parts of the interface  
are there, but its the little things that are the time consuming in  
finding, and time is money, and quite often i have deadlines that are  

Trust me, i have the opensource bug, and everyone that i speak to  
that uses computers i do suggest that they try a live CD of Kubuntu  
(mainly because of the start menu in the same place as windows), and  
see how they get on, and the fact that i say its all FREE is a big  
selling point to they..

i hope i make sence a little more this time, and yes i fully  
understand the unlearn what you have learnd


On 4 Mar 2009, at 20:28, Jeffrey Silverman wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 2:33 PM, Phil Ward <skeggy78 at googlemail.com>  
> wrote:
>> Hi guys, this is my first message on here so please forgive me :)  
>> but its my
>> experience as a novice which i hope to persuade the bottom remark  
>> its not
>> always as easy as clicking here n there...
>> im semi new to the world of linux/free OS, i do remember tryin  
>> suse 6.2 many
>> years ago, but am trying ubuntu with the run inside of windows  
>> option,
>> mainly because of coreldraw, ie using it at work etc.
>> i have successfully installed corel 11 inside of linux, and as i  
>> also use a
>> mac, its quite usefull, as its also the last revision to come out for
>> apples.
>> getting rid of windows is an option for me, but only on sucessful  
>> completion
>> of tests on the software i use with in windows etc, as i gota put  
>> food on
>> the plate.
>> With vista hot on the heels of all new computers, and software, i  
>> am not
>> looking forward to using it, as i find its annoyances, a little to  
>> annoying,
>> espically with older hardware and printers, as i dont see why i  
>> should go
>> buy a new printer/scanner when my old ones work perfectly well  
>> etc. Hence my
>> slow transition to linux. I am utilising more opensource programs,  
>> as i
>> become more used to their interfaces, but am trying to find an  
>> even keel
>> between running them on an OSX, PCBSD, Linux (various flavours),  
>> and even
>> looked at React OS(but need to play with that a little more)
>> Its not just the person who works with the individual computer,  
>> its also the
>> person who you communicate with, and im activly trying to convert  
>> members of
>> my family, as im fed up of trying to remove adware n such like
>> i hope i have not bored everyone
>> Phil Ward
> Not "bored" but "confused" might be more accurate. Either you are not
> a native English speaker, in which case your choppy sentences are
> fine, or you are, in which case they are not. But I digress.
> What do you mean, "as i gota put food on the plate"? What do you do
> that requires Windows to "put food on the plate"?
> Regarding Corel Draw, I recommend trying Inkscape instead.
> One of the biggest misunderstandings regarding Linux is the way the
> software infrastructure works, as compared to, say, Windows (or Mac,
> for that matter). Some useful things that must be, to paraphrase Yoda,
> unlearned:
> (Note I use superlatives to make a point; the words "not ever" or
> "always" points are not really "not ever" or "always" but are better
> to understand that way for the novice Linux user)
> * You will not ever be able to go to the store and buy shrinkwrapped
> software on CD/DVD
> * You will never HAVE to go to the store and buy shrinkwrapped
> software on CD/DVD -- everything you need is available for free
> download.
> * You will not ever be able to use any Windows software
> * You will not HAVE to use any Windows software --  -- everything you
> need is available for free download.
> * Every Windows software tool that you think you need has a Linux
> *equivalent*. That may be very different on the surface! But that is
> also better, faster, easier to use, has better community resources.
> later...
> -- 
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