[scribus] How to assure pure black and not rich black.

Pierre Marchand capparis at free.fr
Sat Jun 27 12:25:51 CEST 2009

Vous (John Culleton) avez écrit :
> I presume this can be done through the correct color profile. Or
> perhaps it requires a redefinition of the black color swatch. Or
> maybe it is the default.  The manual defines rich black but does
> not explain at that point how to get either rich black or pure
> black.
> The issue comes up because some process color presses will not
> accept a combination of colors which together add up to more than
> 240% total density.
> Guidance appreciated.

First of all, make sure that CM is enabled for the doc you’re working on. 
File>Document settings>Color Management>Activate CM.
Select same profile for "CMYK Solid Colors" as for "printer" profile, that’s 
to be sure the transformation will be identity.
When you export to PDF, be sure to select "printer" in color tab. At this 
point, you should^^will (I’ve checked here, bugs can hide everywhere…) obtain 
a pure Black in the resulting PDF:

0.00000 0.00000 0.00000 1.00000 k


Pierre Marchand

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