[scribus] Setting text colour in text frame does not seem to work using Python

O'Brien-Strain, Eamonn eamonn.obrien-strain at hp.com
Fri Jun 26 21:17:30 CEST 2009

I cannot seem to get the setTextColor Python call to work.

Below is an example script that reproduces the problem.  It creates three text boxes.
(1) The first one has no properties set and the text appears as black as expected.
(2) The second text box has its textColor property set, but this does not seem to have any effect and the text still appears as black.
(3) The third text box has the fillColor property set, and as expected the background appears coloured, which means the colour is defined properly.

Is there some error in how I am making these Python calls?  Or is there a bug in Scribus?

I have tried this on version 1.3.5 on Linux that I build from SVN several months ago.  I also tried it on a Windows version of 1.3.5svn that I downloaded a few months ago.


from scribus import *

t1 = createText(100,100,100,100)
insertText( "no color set", -1, t1 )

defineColor( "mycolor", 0, 120, 255, 10 )

t2 = createText(100,200,100,100)
setTextColor( "mycolor", t2 )
insertText( "text color set", -1, t2 )

t3 = createText(100,300,100,100)
setFillColor( "mycolor", t3 )
insertText( "fill color set", -1, t3 )

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