[scribus] duotone images

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Jun 22 14:13:55 CEST 2009


this is an interesting query by ptrb in #scribus:

14:01 < ptrb> Hello. I logged onto this channel a few days ago asking 
about getting duotone images created
              in The GIMP over into Scribus to render correctly into a 
spot colour channel I had created.
14:01 < ptrb> I have made some progress on this and wanted to let others 
know in case it was useful.
14:01 < ptrb> I haven't totally solved this one yet, bit I did solve it 
to the point of being able to do the
              print job that I wanted to get done. The workaround was 
one suggested on this IRC channell -
              to manually select the areas that I wanted to print in 
red, make everything in the other
              colour (black) transparent by setting opacity to zero, 
then make a PDF of that. Then manually
              do the same for the...
14:01 < ptrb> ...black. Since it was only a single page job it was 
simple enough. So thanks for that one.
14:01 < ptrb> However I did some digging round on the net, and found 
some useful definitions of graphic file
              types and their properties. This is probably old hat to 
others, but after I found what file
              types would support transparency and what wouldn't, things 
became a bit clearer. It seemed
              that EPS file type might work to get the information from 
The GIMP to Scribus. I tried saving
              the duotone file that...
14:01 < ptrb> ...I created in The GIMP as an EPS file, and then realised 
that the SEPARATE+ plugin for the
              GIMP already had a feature to save it as EPS. I had to 
manually add the file extension. But
              the DuoTone did render OK when put into a Scribus Picture 
box. The Red in the DuoTone is shown
              in the Magenta channel. No problem with that - it works. I 
still want to be able to tell The
              GIMP that I want a...
14:01 < ptrb> ..."Spot Red" channel to be used, and have that picked up 
in Scribus - but this works for now.
14:01 < ptrb> After playing with the Scribus Print to File, and separate 
a test file into CMYK channels, I
              learned that Ghostview would render the EPS file nicely 
and showed four separate pages.
              Unfortunately blank at the moment, but that's OK. I will 
experiment further and find out what
              I am doing wrong there. At least I found a tool in 
Ghostview that I can use to view and print
              the colour seps.
14:01 < ptrb> This is all being done in XP, using Scribus 1.3.5svn RC2. 
Seems pretty stable to me so far by
              the way.

does anybody have comments on it?


p.s.: i hope that ptrb is registered to this mailing list, otherwise 
google may show him the answers when he is going to search for "scribus 
gimp duotone" :-)

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