[scribus] Latest 1.3.5 Release Candidate

Craig Bradney mrb at scribus.info
Thu Jun 4 07:46:02 CEST 2009

Carl Symons wrote:
> (with a cheat sheet open next to a Konsole window, cut&paste is easy)
> cd ~/Version135/Scribus/
> mkdir builddir
> cd builddir
> /usr/bin/cmake ../ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/home/carl/scribus135install/
> make && make install
> It is recommended that builddir be removed after install.
> cd .. (go up a level)
> rm -rf builddir

It is probably easier if you make the builddir in the Version135
directory, or even beside that one. You just need to adjust your "../"
part of your cmake command to fit. You do not need to remove the
builddir .. very rarely is it needed, and not removing it means when you
svn update, only the changes will be built. Having the builddir in the
Scribus directory will be what causes issues when you svn update as that
directory doesn't exist in the svn tree.
> I created a RtClick>New>Link to Application in my Desktop folder with
> ~/scribus135install/bin/scribus. This also works with KRunner or in
> Konsole.
> A couple of recommendations from somewhere:
> The cmake, make, make install routine should be done fresh when
> "making" from the svn. The "install to" directory (scribus135install)
> should be completely emptied prior to remaking Scribus from scratch.
> Every once in a while, it's good to delete the svn directory and do a
> svn co freshly.
I would say only when issues are found, and I would suggest deleting the
install directory scribus135install now and then, and re-run make install.


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