[scribus] Latest 1.3.5 Release Candidate

Carl Symons carlsymons at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 01:12:07 CEST 2009

On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 3:04 PM,  <scribus-request at lists.scribus.net> wrote:
>> But in order to continue using the feature without problems I'm going
>> to have to get the latest version. I currently have 1.3.5 Rc1 May 17
>> on
>> Jaunty x86_64. I've always been too lazy to learn how to build the
>> latest version myself. I just wait until a deb makes it to the repos.
>> So now I'm motivated to learn how to build my own. Are there things
>> like daily snapshots and, if so, where might I find them? And "for
>> dummies" instructions?

I was apprehensive about building the latest too. Also using Kubuntu
Jaunty x86_64.

The Subversion instructions mentioned in previous message worked okay
for with a couple of changes. I tweaked things around a bit and then
wrote instructions (see below) that I refer to each time I update:

(everything done in terminal window)
be in home directory -  /home/YourName (/home/YourName=~)
svn co svn://scribus.info/Scribus/branches/Version135/

This puts the latest from svn into ~/Version135/Scribus

You may have to install a few things to get this to work. Some of the
dependencies are not available with apt-get or Synaptic exactly as the
dependency name indicates. It's not that hard to figure out though.

TO UPDATE EXISTING SVN (this only gets changes, much less time than a
full download)
cd ~/Version135/Scribus
svn update

I start with a directory where Scribus135 is to be

(with a cheat sheet open next to a Konsole window, cut&paste is easy)
cd ~/Version135/Scribus/
mkdir builddir
cd builddir
/usr/bin/cmake ../ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/home/carl/scribus135install/
make && make install

It is recommended that builddir be removed after install.
cd .. (go up a level)
rm -rf builddir

I created a RtClick>New>Link to Application in my Desktop folder with
~/scribus135install/bin/scribus. This also works with KRunner or in

A couple of recommendations from somewhere:
The cmake, make, make install routine should be done fresh when
"making" from the svn. The "install to" directory (scribus135install)
should be completely emptied prior to remaking Scribus from scratch.

Every once in a while, it's good to delete the svn directory and do a
svn co freshly.

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