[scribus] Ghost Script?

arthamax at sbcglobal.net arthamax at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 2 20:28:09 CEST 2009

Thank you Andreas for your reply but I am too inexperienced to make  
much sense of it. You contradict the recommendations on the Scribus  
website and in the Scribus Manual and you write about things I know  
nothing about.

Apparently there's been no readily installable Ghostscript for  
Scribus (on Mac) since the 2007 version 8.57 and no need for the  
subsequent five releases. I am just learning about Scribus and the  
contradiction is confusing.

I'm sending a copy of my original email and the gist of what I said  
above to the Scribus Team at the website asking them to clear up this  

On Jun 1, 2009, at 1:34 PM, avox wrote:

> arthamax wrote:
>> I am a computer novice and would very much appreciate it if someone
>> could give me step by step commands to upgrade to Ghostscript 8.64
>> and also tell me what to do with Ghostpdl 1.54. or where I can go to
>> get these explicit commands. I don't have enough experience to
>> understand explanations and descriptions. Either there is a command
>> path procedure for Mac users to upgrade to Ghostscript 8.64 or their
>> isn't.
> Ghostscript 8.57 should work well enough with Scribus, I'm not sure  
> if it's
> worth the hassle to upgrade to 8.64.
> GhostPdl is not needed by Scribus; you can ignore it.
>> Or I can delete Scribus and start all over if someone can give me the
>> explicit commands to install Ghostscript 8.64 directly from my
>> desktop into "Macintosh HD" so that when I download Scribus again it
>> can find it and incorporate it the way it did with the earlier
>> installed Ghostscript 8.57. Can I just drop the Ghostscript 8.64
>> folder on the Macintosh HD icon?
> That will probbaly not work. First of all, you can upgrade Ghostscript
> without reinstalling Scribus.
> Second question is, where do you get your Ghostscript 8.64 binary?
> Ghostscript can be configured in different ways which are not always
> compatible with Scribus. Scribus expects an executable 'gs' or  
> 'gsc' with
> the devices 'tiffsep', 'pngalpha', 'bitcmyk', 'pdfwrite', 'pswrite'  
> and
> 'ps2write'
> compiled in. So in order to use a binary Ghostscript, you'd have to  
> figure
> out
> a) where that binary gets installed.
> b) check in Terminal.app with "gs -h" or "gsc -h" if it lists the  
> necessary
> drivers.
> c) specify the path to the executale in Scribus preferences.
> As I said before, that's probably not worth the hassle if you have  
> a working
> GS 8.57.
> /Andreas
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