[scribus] Ghost Script?

avox avox at arcor.de
Mon Jun 1 22:34:35 CEST 2009

arthamax wrote:
> I am a computer novice and would very much appreciate it if someone  
> could give me step by step commands to upgrade to Ghostscript 8.64  
> and also tell me what to do with Ghostpdl 1.54. or where I can go to  
> get these explicit commands. I don't have enough experience to  
> understand explanations and descriptions. Either there is a command  
> path procedure for Mac users to upgrade to Ghostscript 8.64 or their  
> isn't.
Ghostscript 8.57 should work well enough with Scribus, I'm not sure if it's
worth the hassle to upgrade to 8.64.

GhostPdl is not needed by Scribus; you can ignore it.

> Or I can delete Scribus and start all over if someone can give me the  
> explicit commands to install Ghostscript 8.64 directly from my  
> desktop into "Macintosh HD" so that when I download Scribus again it  
> can find it and incorporate it the way it did with the earlier  
> installed Ghostscript 8.57. Can I just drop the Ghostscript 8.64  
> folder on the Macintosh HD icon?

That will probbaly not work. First of all, you can upgrade Ghostscript 
without reinstalling Scribus.
Second question is, where do you get your Ghostscript 8.64 binary? 
Ghostscript can be configured in different ways which are not always 
compatible with Scribus. Scribus expects an executable 'gs' or 'gsc' with
the devices 'tiffsep', 'pngalpha', 'bitcmyk', 'pdfwrite', 'pswrite' and
compiled in. So in order to use a binary Ghostscript, you'd have to figure
a) where that binary gets installed.
b) check in Terminal.app with "gs -h" or "gsc -h" if it lists the necessary
c) specify the path to the executale in Scribus preferences.

As I said before, that's probably not worth the hassle if you have a working
GS 8.57.

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