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Tony King tony at mediastampede.com
Tue Jul 21 08:06:50 CEST 2009

On 07/20/2009 11:37 PM, THOU Management, Inc wrote:
> I am having serious problems with Scribus. When I export my PDF Template
> from LSi to a .eps file and bring it into Scribus I am missing my cover page
> and spine lines. I have the lines in PDF but I am not able to see it in
> Scribus. Please, please help. I have spent all day on this and to no avail.
> I am desparate. Should I just reload Scribus ans start from scratch?
> Vera
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Greetings, Vera, and hello to the rest of the list from Tony in the U.S.--

Here are a few very general suggestions:

1. Is your template a multi-page document? Export individual pages of 
the template as individual PDF files. Multi-page PDFs/EPSs seldom cross 
from one program into another problem-free. I can't recall off the top 
of my head, but I don't think Scribus has the ability to even import a 
multi-page EPS or PDF. GIMP, for example, will make you select one (and 
only one) page out of a multi-page PDF to import. Same with Inkscape.

2. Inkscape is a good program to use as an intermediary between your 
creator program and Scribus. Inkscape is particularly good at importing 
PDFs, in my opinion, as long as they're not too complex. Again, only one 
page at a time, however. Scribus, at least the 1.3.4/1.3.5 versions, are 
good at opening native Inkscape SVG files. So, try to bring your file 
into Inkscape first, save an SVG file out, then try to bring that into 
Scribus. As always, the more complex your starting PDF/EPS, the more 
"issues" you have to find and fix.

3. EPSs/PDFs with bitmaps and embedded fonts are a big problem. Rotated 
bitmaps almost never import correctly into Inkscape, and I don't even 
try it with Scribus. Toss your bitmaps once in Inkscape (they'll 
probably not come out in the SVG version anyway), export out the vector 
art in SVG, open the SVG in Scribus and replace your bitmaps. 
OpenType/Postscript/TrueType fonts embedded in EPS/PDF files usually 
don't work, either. If my creator program can do it, I'll break all 
fonts to outlines when I save a PDF version. If you've got a lot of 
"live" text in your PDF that needs to be in editable form in Scribus, 
then you'll just have to reset that text within Scribus.

Vera, there's probably much I don't understand about your situation, but 
suffice it to say that I've gotten files out of Illustrator, CorelDraw, 
InDesign, QuarkXPress and other commercial apps and into Scribus, but 
there's usually a fair bit of repair and fixing involved, depending on 
how complex the original file is. Hope this might give you a new way to 
approach (and solve) your problem.

Good luck,


_ _ _ _ _

To the rest of the list, I'll just take this time to briefly introduce 
myself. I'm in the U.S., own an advertising agency/design studio and 
have used Scribus/Inkscape/GIMP/Krita and other open source graphic apps 
on professional print jobs since 2005. I have 30+ years of experience in 
pre-press and printing/publishing systems and technology, starting my 
graphic design career back in the days of "cold type" phototypesetting 
systems. I have Linux, Windows and Mac systems in my humble business, 
but currently 95% of my design/production work is done on my Fedora 
10/11 workstations. I've been lurking on the list for about a year now.

Tony King
Media Stampede
Weatherford, Texas, US

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