[scribus] Please help-Scribus issues

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Tue Jul 21 14:12:27 CEST 2009

On Tuesday 21 July 2009 12:37:20 am THOU Management, Inc wrote:
> I am having serious problems with Scribus. When I export my PDF
> Template from LSi to a .eps file and bring it into Scribus I am
> missing my cover page and spine lines. I have the lines in PDF
> but I am not able to see it in Scribus. Please, please help. I
> have spent all day on this and to no avail. I am desparate.
> Should I just reload Scribus ans start from scratch?
My suggestion: don't use the LSI template. Instead visit my site:
and generate the guides and dimensions needed for a full size 
Scribus template.  Many experienced LSI users submit a true size 
cover pdf or even a tiff file in lieu of using their template. 
My template guides  go beyond the LSI template with center lines for 
both spine and front cover. That makes lining things up easier.  
After you set up the overall dimensions you can add the guides with 
exact placement. Here is a quote from my e-book:
...change the measurement
unit from “pt” to “in”.
Next we need to set up our vertical guides.
Click on Page->Manage Guides and the window
on the right will come up. Go to the “Vertical
Guides” column and use the “Add” key
to add each value from the template. Hit “Enter
after filling out each value. As you add
them they will appear on the thumbnail on the
right. When finished carefully proofread the
numbers, click “Lock Guides”, click “Apply to
all pages”, and finally click “Update” “OK” and
“Close” to exit.
The e-book gives more details of course.  But the above should get 
you started. 

John Culleton
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