[scribus] Please help-Scribus issues

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Jul 21 07:48:52 CEST 2009

dear vera,

> I am having serious problems with Scribus. When I export my PDF
> Template from LSi to a .eps file and bring it into Scribus I am
> missing my cover page and spine lines. I have the lines in PDF but I
> am not able to see it in Scribus. Please, please help. I have spent
> all day on this and to no avail. I am desparate. Should I just reload
> Scribus ans start from scratch?

scribus is meant as the program to create the cover pages. you can
import eps and pdf files into it, but not all the features are

most of the time it should work and if it doesn't you may want to post
the offending file to the bug tracker (bugs.scribus.net) and see if the
devs can fix scribus to correct read it (btw, which version of scribus
are you using?).

imo, the best way is to redo the cover page in scribus. the alternative
is to export the pages as bitmap and insert them as such in scribus (if
you use tiff or png and the correct resolution you should not miss much
finally, you may first import the page as bitmap and redraw it in
scribus on top of it (using two different layers) and discarding the
bitmap afterwards.

good luck

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