[scribus] How to change the "Distance of text" for multiple text frames in one go?

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 11 23:22:15 CEST 2009

Marco Boeringa wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just recently downloaded Scribus to give it a try. Since I was not yet 
> familiar with DTP, the user interface and concepts were confusing at 
> first. However, with help of some good tutorials and documentation on 
> the internet, things have become clear and I managed to create a 
> proper document using styles and a home made template.
> However, I now ran into a serious issue. I used the Calendar Wizard in 
> Scribus, that creates a tables like layout of text frames for all the 
> dates. So far fine, and I easily managed to tweak the look and 
> placement using magnetic lines and all the property settings.
> However, since I also wanted to change the "Distance of Text" settings 
> (Top, Left etc.) of the Shape tab of a Text Frame, I thought I could 
> simply do this like I had done with all other formatting: select 
> multiple frames, enter the desired values, and ready...
> Well, not so! While I can change things like font style, color etc. of 
> multiple selected frames at once, the "Distance of Text" settings are 
> only applied to the first selected text frame...
> Is this a known bug in Scribus, or do I have an issue with my 
> installation? And if it is a bug, is it stilll present in 1.3.5, and 
> if not, do users recommend upgrading considering the beta status of 
> 1.3.5?
> I am running the latests stable release (, so not the Release 
> Candidate 3 of version 1.3.5. Considering all the warnings about 
> ongoing changes in the fileformat of the beta version, I thought it 
> wise to stick with the latest "stable" release for the time being, 
> especially to try it out.
> Thanks for any insights and suggestions of how to change these 
> "Top/Left/Bottom/Right" distances of text frames in batch, if at all 
> possible.
I don't think it's a bug. There are limitations on which sorts of 
operations that can be done collectively on a collection of selected 
frames. If it doesn't work with multiple selected frames or after you 
group them, it simply hasn't been implemented (yet).


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