[scribus] How to change the "Distance of text" for multiple text frames in one go?

Marco Boeringa marco at boeringa.demon.nl
Sun Jul 12 10:33:44 CEST 2009

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the response. Pity to hear it might not be possible. I do 
wonder though, why it isn't? Because aren't people regularly using Table 
objects in Scribus than? If you insert a table, it actually is just a 
grouped set of text frames. By default, Scribus has the "Distance to 
Text" set to 0 for all sites of each of the text frames a "table" is 
comprised of. If you set a visible outline for each text frame, e.g. a 2 
pt black line, the text and outline will overlap. This is a big issue. 
Now what if you wanted to change the "Distance to Text" setting for all 
100+ tables cells? You would need to select each "cell" (actually text 
frame) individually, and set the appropriate "Distance to Text" 
accordingly. This is a big nuisance for large tables.

I am surprised it is not implemented... especially since most of the 
other formatting functions (color, line) do seem to work on multiple 
text frames at once... and if these are implemented, from a developer's 
standpoint it should be a breeze to implement it for "Distance to Text" 
settings as well?... but of course I am blissfully ignorant of any of 
the true inner workings and coding of Scribus ;-)


Gregory Pittman wrote:
> I don't think it's a bug. There are limitations on which sorts of 
> operations that can be done collectively on a collection of selected 
> frames. If it doesn't work with multiple selected frames or after you 
> group them, it simply hasn't been implemented (yet).
> Greg
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