[scribus] New Fontmatrix release announce

Hirwen HARENDAL harendalh at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 4 14:25:09 CEST 2009

> From: asif.lodhi at gmail.com

Hi Asif

> Though I am not currently into font designing but I DO plan to design
> a high-quality free Urdu font (Pakistan's national language). I don't
> even know the basics of font design software! :) However, I think I am
> good calligrapher - I can draw comics with Inkscape calligraphic
> brush/pen using only my mouse. 


** Contact me off list.


> How do you compare FontMatrix with
> FontForge? Secondly, Do you recommend any good books on Font
> Designing?

** FontForge = Font editor

     FontMatrix = Font manager


    About fontdesign, to start:








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