[scribus] New Fontmatrix release announce

Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 23:30:16 CEST 2009

Hi Pierre,

Though I am not currently into font designing but I DO plan to design
a high-quality free Urdu font (Pakistan's national language). I don't
even know the basics of font design software! :) However, I think I am
good calligrapher - I can draw comics with Inkscape calligraphic
brush/pen using only my mouse. How do you compare FontMatrix with
FontForge? Secondly, Do you  recommend any good books on Font


On 7/3/09, Pierre Marchand <capparis at free.fr> wrote:
> I allow myself to copy here the announce I did for our beloved font manager
> :)
> ===========================================================
> New public release
> We’re proud, and scared all together, to announce a new public release of
> Fontmatrix.
> This release is numbered 0.6.0. It replaces the Jurassic old 0.4.2. The
> 0.5.0
> branch has been obsoleted as soon as branched. Trunk is now numbered 0.6.99.
> Compared to 0.4.2, almost everything is new. From the storage backend to the
> preview engine, all has been reworked to offer a better user experience and
> prepare exciting future developments. Here’s a non exhaustive list of
> changes:
> On top of it, Inline Help written by Alexandre Prokoudine, without it, most
> of
> the code would be useless.
> SQLite database
> Python scripter
> Independant samples directory (allowing easy sharing of this resource)
> Shortcuts
> A text layout engine to display samples (including hyphenation)
> Different shaper engines
> A playful playground
> PANOSE browser (experimental)
> Glyphs comparision panel
> Boolean operators in filters
> Browse file systems for fonts
> Themable informations panel (including javascript)
> Extract embedded fonts from PDF documents (experimental)
> Find font from an image (experimental)
> Expose, and possibly export, TrueType tables
> Edit tags
> billions bugs fixed and UI improvements…
> Main source for this package is the fontmatrix006 branch on Subversion
> server:
> svn co http://svn.gna.org/svn/undertype/branches/fontmatrix006
> You can find source packages in archives on the web server:
> Tarball - <http://fontmatrix.net/archives/fontmatrix-0.6.0-Source.tar.gz>
> Md5 -  <http://fontmatrix.net/archives/fontmatrix-0.6.0-Source.tar.gz.md5>
> Signature - <http://fontmatrix.net/archives/fontmatrix-0.6.0-
> Source.tar.gz.asc>
> Key - <http://fontmatrix.net/archives/pierre_marchand-sc.pubkey>
> We don’t provide yet binary packages. Although expect ones in the coming
> days
> in popular GNU/Linux distributions repositories, and in coming weeks for
> Windows and MacOSX installers.
> Have fun!
> --
> Pierre Marchand
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