[scribus] New Fontmatrix release announce

Pierre Marchand capparis at free.fr
Fri Jul 3 18:23:53 CEST 2009

I allow myself to copy here the announce I did for our beloved font manager :)

New public release

We’re proud, and scared all together, to announce a new public release of 

This release is numbered 0.6.0. It replaces the Jurassic old 0.4.2. The 0.5.0 
branch has been obsoleted as soon as branched. Trunk is now numbered 0.6.99.

Compared to 0.4.2, almost everything is new. From the storage backend to the 
preview engine, all has been reworked to offer a better user experience and 
prepare exciting future developments. Here’s a non exhaustive list of changes:
On top of it, Inline Help written by Alexandre Prokoudine, without it, most of 
the code would be useless.
SQLite database
Python scripter
Independant samples directory (allowing easy sharing of this resource)
A text layout engine to display samples (including hyphenation)
Different shaper engines
A playful playground
PANOSE browser (experimental)
Glyphs comparision panel
Boolean operators in filters
Browse file systems for fonts
Themable informations panel (including javascript)
Extract embedded fonts from PDF documents (experimental)
Find font from an image (experimental)
Expose, and possibly export, TrueType tables
Edit tags
billions bugs fixed and UI improvements…

Main source for this package is the fontmatrix006 branch on Subversion server:
svn co http://svn.gna.org/svn/undertype/branches/fontmatrix006

You can find source packages in archives on the web server:
Tarball - <http://fontmatrix.net/archives/fontmatrix-0.6.0-Source.tar.gz>
Md5 -  <http://fontmatrix.net/archives/fontmatrix-0.6.0-Source.tar.gz.md5>
Signature - <http://fontmatrix.net/archives/fontmatrix-0.6.0-
Key - <http://fontmatrix.net/archives/pierre_marchand-sc.pubkey>

We don’t provide yet binary packages. Although expect ones in the coming days 
in popular GNU/Linux distributions repositories, and in coming weeks for 
Windows and MacOSX installers.

Have fun!

Pierre Marchand

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