[scribus] How long to ship manual from FLES?

Liz Young kandew at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 18:54:12 CET 2009

D. R. Evans wrote:
> I'm sorry, but I guess I have to ask: does this mean that the notification
> I received that the book had been shipped 11 days ago was a lie?
> I'm wondering if I should contact my credit card company. Do we have some
> sort of assurance from someone in a position to know that in fact FLES
> books is reliable? Sorry, but I feel like I have to ask.

Hi Doc, it sounds like an honest mistake and we'll have to wait another 
two weeks.  I'm sure it'll be worth it :-).  Our purchases helped donate 
over £1500 to the project so far.

Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 19:52:57 +0000
Subject: Your order with FLES Books
From: Benjamin Goodger <benjamingoodger at flesbooks.com>
To: customers at flesbooks.com

Dear Customers,

I'm afraid we are unable to supply any estimate of the book's delivery 
date, as we do not know ourselves. It seems that we will regrettably not 
be informed when your order has been dispatched. The "shipped" status in 
Google Checkout is an error arising from our automated system, which set 
this status after sending your order to the printer for fulfiment. This 
bug has been fixed and we are continuing to await the fulfilment of 
orders by our printer. I will be having strong words with them with 
regard to the manner in which they have conducted this order.

Please accept my apologies for the delay in issuing this update. Please 
allow a further two weeks for delivery. If any additional delays are 
encountered I will be sure to update you as soon as I am made aware of them.

Many thanks,

Benjamin Goodger
Managing Director,
FLES Books Ltd.

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