[scribus] Windows 2k/Sp4 locks up with eps

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Tue Jan 20 22:44:14 CET 2009

Barry McKenna wrote:
> W/Windows 2k/Sp4
> 1gb memory - a few megabytes that Ausus retains because AGP card is not used
> C:\Program Files\Scribus\gdiplus.dll
> Ghostscripts 8.63
> GhostView 4.8
> Scribus/External Tools: C:/Program Files/gs/gs8.63/bin/gswin32c.exe
> My Windows 2k/Sp4 is very stable and I have used it for many
> years with the normal text, email, browser apps, as well as
> to develop numerous applications in Delphi and C.
> I need Scribus to produce publications with text and eps graphics
> My self-generated eps files contain True Type fonts and vector
> graphics only. They display perfectly in GhostView.
> With that goal, I have experimented with different Scribus
> versions over the last two years:
> scribus-
> scribus-
> scribus-1.3.4
> Before ordering the Scribus book a few days ago and downloading
> scribus-, I had good experience with scribus-1.3.4
> displaying eps files.
> However, attempts with v1.3.4 to export the Scribus files
> that contained eps graphics to pdf resulted in Scribus
> locking up.
> Two years ago, I had good success with scribus- both
> importing my self-generated eps files (printed to Acrobat
> Distiller as a file) and then exporting my sla files with eps
> embedded to pdf. Again, my eps files display perfectly in GhostView.
> When I upgraded to scribus- I had the following problem:
> using right-click/Get Image brought up the dialog to select
> files. However if I clicked on an eps file, Scribus locked up.
> Upgrading to 1.3.4 (currently a defunct fork, I believe)
> eliminated that problem, but Scribus would lock up if I attempted
> to export the saved sla w/eps to pdf.
> Now with, I am back to the problem I had with
> using right-click/Get Image brings up the dialog to select
> files. However if I click on an eps file, Scribus locks up.
> When the dialog comes up and I click on a pdf, then the preview
> appears ok in the dialog, and the same success with png.
> Importing the eps file directly to an sla results in a long
> trundle (for a small file) and then Scribus locks up.
You may have to use an outside app to convert the eps to another format 
so that you can get it to work. As you will learn when you get your book 
(thanks!), there are many varieties of EPS files, and Scribus can't 
handle all the features that some might incorporate.

1.3.4 is a dead-end version to be avoided. If you feel like 
experimenting, you might try one of the 1.3.5svn EXE files -- no 
guarantees with this developmental version, and you can't load a 1.3.5 
file into, but you can load 1.3.3.x files into 1.3.5svn.

Here is the link for SVN snapshots:



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