[scribus] ANNOUNCEMENT: Scribus - The Official Manual is now available for sale!

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 02:49:06 CET 2009

Gregory Pittman said the following at 01/15/2009 05:19 PM :

> I was hoping Christoph could step forward at some point answer these 
> kinds of questions, but my sense of it, having been part of the creation 
> but not the layout, was that this was a rather brute force effort on 
> Christoph's part - just manually done. I was the initiator of the index, 
> which was really just a list of words, that got appended as we went.

Just as you were hoping that Cristoph would answer the question, I was
hoping that the answer wasn't going to be what it was :-(

I'll stick with good ol' TeX for this job then, I think. I hate doing
indices, but at least there are enough TeX macros around to make the job
just about bearable. I was kind of hoping I could do this book with
Scribus, partly for the learning experience and partly because I think it's
likely much easier to do fancy layout (sidebars with light grey
backgrounds, for example). Whether Scribus is as good at the actual
typesetting was something I was interested in discovering, too.

Never mind; maybe by the time I do my next book there will be some
reasonably automated way to do indices.

I do use Scribus for covers, though. It's great for that, even though I'm
using only a tiny part of its potential.

And I did order the manual (using personal funds, since they didn't take my
company's credit card), so I'll have in which to immerse myself once it


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