[scribus] CMYK output, want only magenta and black colors

Benedykt 'Silmethule' Jaworski b.jaworski at kofeina.net
Mon Jan 5 01:53:10 CET 2009

> As far as I see it (and I just tried it *successfully* with 1.3.5svn,
> but I guess this should work with your as well), if you turn
> *off* color management (thereby making sure no conversion takes place)
> and set Scribus to output a CMYK PDF (by choosing "Printer" in the
> export dialog), the colors in the PDF will be exactly those that you
> specified in Scribus.
Well, I tried and... they aren't. Yes, I have color management turned
off (checked both in Document Settings and in Scribus Configuration too...).

> Whether or not 100% Magenta coming from your print
> service looks exactly like the 100% Magenta you imagine, is another
> question -- but as I understand, you have considered this already.
Yes, I don't care how any printer would interpret this pdf, I just want
to have pdf with "pure" colors (printing company wants "2-color" files
with black in black and "color" elements in mangeta, they do all other
color stuff themselves).

You can see one, not finished page of the document there (pdf and eps
for comparison, eps looks like it should look, pdf doesn't), pdf was
generated "for printer" with color management turned off (well, at least
with unchecked "activate color management"), color definitions in
Scribus were just like I described in my previous post.


Now it seems to me, that the text in pdf is OK and the image's colors
were changed. Scribus uses icc profiles anyway? Or the file is damaged?

> You can create a PS file by saving to a file when printing from
> Scribus
This is probably best idea now. I didn't think about that, thanks.

>> Thank you for your answers and, I hope, not beating me for
>> 'unprofessionalism' ;).
> Don't worry about that. This very mailing list is probably one of the
> most helpful, understanding and non-flaming lists out there on the whole
> internet (kudos for that to the ML, by the way).
Good to know, thanks for the answers ;).


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