[scribus] line spacing

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sun Feb 8 17:37:50 CET 2009

michael crane wrote:
> 2009/2/8 Gregory Pittman <gpittman at iglou.com>:
>> michael crane wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I would like to point out that in vista ( wether it's scribus or vista
>>> I do not know ) but the pop up windows are not resizable
>>> and so important tabs are not visible when below the monitor bottom edge.
>> Go to File > Preferences, and try changing the theme. Also, you might make
>> the display fonts in Scribus smaller (File > Preferences - Font Size), which
>> will result in at least some dialogs being smaller.
> none of that works. still cannot resize boxes. it is very frustrating. it says
> QCombobox::setCurrentItem: <LPIfunc> Index 96445544 out of range
> 3x in the console, don't know if that means anything ?
> I got my page done but I'd enjoy it more if I could access the menus properly.
> vista home premium
> HP pavillion HDX
> scribus
I am not seeing this issue in WinXP, -- changing the theme 
should fix the menu problem. I don't have Vista anywhere. You might try 
downloading a snapshot of and see if that helps:


I would also point out that in Windows, you can easily install without deleting your These two versions can 
save/load each others files.

One thing to be aware of when resizing dialogs in Wiindows is that you 
may not see any indicator that you can resize them, but if you position 
the pointer at the edges/corners and click (the *very* edge, *very* 
corner), you should be able to resize them.


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