[scribus] Best Linux distro for Scribus

Judith Miner jwminer at accessvt.com
Fri Dec 4 23:45:26 CET 2009

Richard <eyelagui at adinet.com.uy> wrote:

> Is not about KDE (my mistake) is xorg who needs new driver "format?"....  
> and KDE4 needs "that" "new" Xorg
> I dont know what, why or where but there is "something" on "new"  
> KDE/Xorg.
> You can't use the same driver on KDE4 and KDE3 even if you compile them  
> for the same kernel.
> I dont know too much about "new" KDE/Xorg, but i do know that to use  
> Scribus on Linux i have to keep on KDE3.5 otherwise if i go KDE4 i cant  
> work on Scribus while unplugged because i have no battery management at  
> all.
> AND on KDE4 there is no chance to use the correct video driver so the  
> performance on Scribus while too much graphics will be worst.

I'm probably misunderstanding you, but I haven't found any xorg driver  
problem with KDE 4.3.3. I'm a VectorLinux beta tester and currently have  
KDE 4.3.3 running under VectorLinux 6 SOHO beta 1.6. Everything seems to  
be working in the video realm. My video card is an ATI Radeon 9200 using  
the open-source xorg radeon driver. This system is old (1.3 GHz Celeron  
Tualatin, 1 gig RAM) and is not the best for KDE of any recent flavor, but  
it performs in a usable fashion.

Scribus 1.3.5 is in the distro default installation and hopefully will be  
updated before the final release of SOHO. It loaded speedily and looks  
okay so far. I've never been fond of the KDE environment and I use XFce on  
my "real" system. As a beta tester who won't be using the final product, I  
haven't given all applications a workout, just see if they start and  
appear to run okay. You may have encountered something I haven't yet  
found. This computer isn't a laptop, so I can't say what happens with  
battery management. I'd think that was more dependent on the underlying  
distro than on KDE 4.x.

Why would you be using the same driver as you would for KDE 3? Perhaps  
you're doing an upgrade from KDE 3.x to KDE 4.x. Maybe that's not a good  
idea because KDE 4.x has many changes that go deep into the system. Maybe  
you should do a clean installation of a distro with KDE 4.3.3 built in.  
Then you should have a video driver that works properly with the system.
--Judy M.

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