[scribus] PDF X/1a:2001 again.

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 18 02:30:03 CEST 2009

On 08/17/2009 05:49 PM, Craig wrote:
>> I am about to see if I can enter into an agreement with some local
>> Amazon merchant. I will propose to supply them with a few copies of
>> each title on consignment, so they don't have to pay me anything until
>> they actually sell one. And I will give them exclusive marketing rights
>> except for sales to university bookstores. If they are big enough they
>> probably go to the post office every day so it's trivial to ship one
>> more book. I can also supply them with images of the cover and some
>> "look inside" pictures, along with the ad copy. I know there are a lot
>> of such Amazon merchants; I just want to find one local to minimize
>> hassle.
>> I don't know if any of my business model is useful to anyone else, but
>> feel free to steal my ideas.
> Why not become your own merchant? .. and use FBA? Email me @ bradney at
> amazon dot com and I can talk to the EU FBA guys 5 meters from my
> office, maybe they can put you in contact with the right US people. The
> EU Merchant team is 2 floors above me too if required.
Another issue that comes up here, that I think underscores Craig's 
point-of-view, is the logistics of shipping. With our manual, we faced 
the problem of shipping to North America, South America, Europe, 
Australia, and (at least one copy) to Africa.

As soon as shipping comes into play, you immediately see that you must 
have multiple site (ie, multiple continent) printing.

Our stance at this point (hint: stances are always subject to the 
reality check that can come later) is that we also plan to release our 
next manual in several languages simultaneously. We fully understand 
this is an ambitious undertaking, but nonetheless very much in keeping 
with the traditional ambition of open source projects.


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