[scribus] Appying character styles to words?

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Mon Aug 17 07:36:37 CEST 2009

> you should still be warned that 1.3.5.x is still not a stable version.

I know, but since it is now released, it is not a "moving target" as
the SVN version. I still have installed too.

I wanted to try out 1.3.5 because of the character styles.

> what about marknig the (few) word(s) and applying the character style
> from the properties palette?

Ah, properties palette worked... I was looking for the Style menu that has, and I was also trying to create a keyboard shortcut.

Properties palette takes up way to much screen space to be useable for
a task like this I think. If i'm going through a text to apply bold or
italic face to some words or phrases I want the text on the screen,
not the properties palette.

I also noted in the bug tracker that the story editor does not yet
support character styles?

This really means that the character styles are next to useless for me
in their current state, then I can relax and go back to

> you can inherit a character style into a character part of a paragraph
> part. so you don't have to define the style twice.

But I can not do the opposite, from what I can see. I have a lot of
created paragraph styles (imported from document) to which I
want to add character styles. And there seems to be no way to do that?
Because for character styles I can only find other character styles in
the inherits from box. I need to create the character styles before
the paragraph styles?

> it may be interesting to do have such a feature.

Interesting? I'd say useful:-)


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