[scribus] PDF X/1a:2001 again.

Craig cbradney at zip.com.au
Mon Aug 17 23:49:28 CEST 2009

> I am about to see if I can enter into an agreement with some local
> Amazon merchant. I will propose to supply them with a few copies of
> each title on consignment, so they don't have to pay me anything until
> they actually sell one. And I will give them exclusive marketing rights
> except for sales to university bookstores. If they are big enough they
> probably go to the post office every day so it's trivial to ship one
> more book. I can also supply them with images of the cover and some
> "look inside" pictures, along with the ad copy. I know there are a lot
> of such Amazon merchants; I just want to find one local to minimize
> hassle.
> I don't know if any of my business model is useful to anyone else, but
> feel free to steal my ideas.

Why not become your own merchant? .. and use FBA? Email me @ bradney at
amazon dot com and I can talk to the EU FBA guys 5 meters from my
office, maybe they can put you in contact with the right US people. The
EU Merchant team is 2 floors above me too if required.


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