[scribus] Native OS X Tries to Connect to a Server

Matthias Schmitt freak002 at mmp.lu
Fri Aug 14 11:20:21 CEST 2009

Hello John,

On 13.08.2009, at 22:56, John Morris wrote:

> I have discovered that the "server" that Scribus is trying to  
> connect to is the other computer on our network. Clearly, there must  
> be some preference that has gotten set to make it do so, but I do  
> not see where it is in the Preferences dialog.

Please check the following things:

1. Start Scribus and do not create or open a new document (press  
"cancel" in the new document dialogue box) so you get access to all  
the preferences.

2. Check the following preferences. Does anything point to a path  
beyond your local disk?

    - General / Paths: Documents, ICC Profiles, Scripts, Document  
    - Fonts / Additional Path
    - External Tools (does any executable name or the external editor  
point to another drive?)
    - Scripter (check the script path)

3. If everything seems to be o.k., please check the location of all  
the folders and files specified in the preferences on your local hard  
disk. May be one of them is just an alias to an external drive. If  
Scribus tries to access such a file or folder alias, the Mac would  
automatically ask you to log into that drive.

4. Look inside your user's home folder. Inside this one you will find  
the folder path Library/Preferences/Scribus. Here you find all the  
preference files. You may open them with any text editor (e.g. the  
free TextWrangler is an excellent choice). Check if you can find any  
external file path inside these files.

5. Is one of your fonts just an alias to an external disk? (This would  
result in problems with other Mac programs too, so this is not very  

Any improvements?

Matthias Schmitt

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