[scribus] Native OS X Tries to Connect to a Server

John Morris johnjeff at editide.us
Fri Aug 14 17:11:20 CEST 2009

   Thanks for taking pitty on my plight. Here are the results of my checks.

Matthias wrote:
>Please check the following things:
>1. Start Scribus and do not create or open a new document (press 
>"cancel" in the new document dialogue box) so you get access to all 
>the preferences.
>2. Check the following preferences. Does anything point to a path 
>beyond your local disk?
>    - General / Paths: Documents, ICC Profiles, Scripts, Document Templates

Documents = /Users/john/
ICC Profiles, Scripts, Document Templates are all empty.

>    - Fonts / Additional Path

All fonts are in /Library and /System. Additional Paths is empty.

>    - External Tools (does any executable name or the external editor 
>point to another drive?)

Postscript Interpreter is /usr/local/bin/gs
Image Processing Tool is gimp
Web Browser and External Editor are blank

>    - Scripter (check the script path)

Startup Script is blank as are all of the buttons in the Console tab.

>3. If everything seems to be o.k., please check the location of all 
>the folders and files specified in the preferences on your local 
>hard disk. May be one of them is just an alias to an external drive. 
>If Scribus tries to access such a file or folder alias, the Mac 
>would automatically ask you to log into that drive.

   I'm not sure what you mean here. I've checked the other panes in 
the Scribus preferences and the only other paths I found were in the 
Plugins pane. Those paths were all in /Applications. Do you mean 
preferences of other applications? I have not checked them all, but 
this all started happening the other day when I downloaded 
Before that, I don't think it was happening with 1.3.5rc3, but I 
might not have noticed it.

>4. Look inside your user's home folder. Inside this one you will 
>find the folder path Library/Preferences/Scribus. Here you find all 
>the preference files. You may open them with any text editor (e.g. 
>the free TextWrangler is an excellent choice). Check if you can find 
>any external file path inside these files.

   There are quite a few files in there and I don't have much time 
this morning, so I just trashed the entire Scribus folder, taking 
care to empty the trash. I then opened Scribus, both 1.3.5rc3 and, independently. In both cases, the other computer's main hard 
drive appeared on my desktop.

>5. Is one of your fonts just an alias to an external disk? (This 
>would result in problems with other Mac programs too, so this is not 
>very likely.

   That seems unlikely, but I guess anything is possible. I don't have 
time to check that right now, but I do know that I don't have any 
problem running this computer completely disconnected from all 
networks when I travel. At that point, the other computer would be 
unavailable and so should, as you say, cause problems with other 
applications. I'll try to look into this idea tomorrow.


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