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Fri Aug 14 02:50:55 CEST 2009

StevenD wrote:

> I came across a font manager called fontmatrix. I have worked with
> stuff
> like Suitcase and Adobe ATM in my graphics work on a Mac at work and
> I
> had a font manager made by Bitstream on my old Windows 95 machine
> some
> years back which has not been supported for quite some years now.
> Have
> you or anyone else uses this?

On my Windows computers (Win XP SP3) I still use Bitstream Font
Navigator. It works well, though it is not aware of true OpenType
fonts. Most of my fonts are TrueType or Type 1. Font Navigator also
works under Vista, with the same lack of OpenType awareness. My
Vista computer developed a fatal hardware illness a couple of months

I have long dreamed of a Linux font manager that works like FontNav
(allowing you to create groups of fonts you can install and remove
by a simple drag and drop and showing the font in a sentence of your
choice and size and allowing such font operations as copying and
moving). I haven't looked closely enough at fontmatrix to see how
well it will fill the bill, but we really do need something for
Linux. I plan to package fontmatrix for my distro if fontmatrix
--Judy M.

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