[scribus] Scribus recommendation as Linux distro

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sat Oct 11 23:48:57 CEST 2008

Ari Takku wrote:
> Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> Ari wrote:
>>> I started with your wonderful wiki, where I read that there might be
>>> some issues with Kubuntu. I currently have Kubuntu (hardy), and what I
>>> could read from wiki, the problems may not concern me. Could you please
>>> tell me if there are any known-issues which would make my days as
>> The two biggest annoyances have been the behavior of spinboxes for
>> changing various values, and trouble with keyboard entry of accented
>> characters.
> Ok. Good to know. It seems that spinbox-problem doesn't repeat for me (I
> can alter values of spinboxes without issues), and if by accented
> characters you been e.g. Control+Shift+Alt+P for pagenumber, I seem to
> "miss" that problem too. Perhaps they have tuned the Kubuntu according
> your (bug-)reports.
no, it was/is a problem with letters like é, á, ü, when you are trying 
to use a dead key approach.


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