[scribus] Scribus recommendation as Linux distro

Ari scribus at takku.fi
Sun Oct 12 07:34:37 CEST 2008

Greg, Owen + others: Thank you for your replies.

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> no, it was/is a problem with letters like é, á, ü, when you are trying
> to use a dead key approach.

Happy to hear the problems are not very serious (in my environment of
use). I use these special characters so rarely (in addition to ä and ö
which I have in my kb-layout by default) that I can use the
Insert->Insert Glyph... -functionality.

But, as I've stated, Kubuntu hardy + Scribus, out-of-the-box, works
without problems (so far:). Hopefully this encourages other
Kubuntu/Ubuntu -users to try the Scribus also.

with Regards,

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