[scribus] unable to import images and text

Ermin de Winkel ede.winkel at hccnet.nl
Wed Oct 8 14:18:13 CEST 2008

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[mailto:scribus-bounces at lists.scribus.net] Namens Lars O. Grobe
Verzonden: woensdag 8 oktober 2008 12:06
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Onderwerp: Re: [scribus] unable to import images and text

Hi Ermin!
> Resulting image is stored as PS, using any of the two options (4 total):

There are two export filters for Postscript in Inkscape, one 
"Postscript" and one being "Postscript via Cairo", did you try both of 
them, too?

Are you sure that you ave Ghostscript configured in the Scribus setup, 
e.g. that the under Preferences/External Tools the "Name of Executeable" 
points to your Ghostscripts's gswin32c.exe? If you want to use 
Ghostscript as a Postscript previewer on you Windows-machine, get and 
install GSView (I think 4.8 is the current release), it is available for 

Good luck & CU Lars.

Hallo Lars,
My version of Inkscape has the following possibilities:
Inkscape SVG; pure SVG; compressed Inkscape SVG; compressed pure SVG;
Postcript; encapsulated postscript; PDF; enhanced metafile; PovRay; Open
Document drawing; Latex with PStricks macros; desktop cutting plotter; GIMP
Palette and compressed Inkscape SVG with media.
Export is PNG only.
For Scribus:
External tools (postscript interpreter) is set on gswin32c.exe, this program
is available in the assigned directory. Version is 8.63
Program for image control (beeldbewerking in dutch) is GIMP, a program which
is not available on my computer.
Al functions in Scribus seem to work. Using preview gives only the following
error: image DPI value is lower than 144. (This is due to a sample image in
PNG I used for trying). The result is looking good when ignoring the error
Trying out a couple of things gives me the idea that the problem I have has
more to do with Inkscape than with Scribus. Apparently I have to refrain
from having good quality images (vectors) and use bitmaps only. At least
that works...........
Thank you for helping

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