[scribus] unable to import images and text

Lars O. Grobe grobe at gmx.net
Wed Oct 8 13:05:32 CEST 2008

Hi Ermin!
> Resulting image is stored as PS, using any of the two options (4 total):

There are two export filters for Postscript in Inkscape, one 
"Postscript" and one being "Postscript via Cairo", did you try both of 
them, too?

Are you sure that you ave Ghostscript configured in the Scribus setup, 
e.g. that the under Preferences/External Tools the "Name of Executeable" 
points to your Ghostscripts's gswin32c.exe? If you want to use 
Ghostscript as a Postscript previewer on you Windows-machine, get and 
install GSView (I think 4.8 is the current release), it is available for 

Good luck & CU Lars.

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